The Iconic Equestrian LinerPad™ System

What makes us truly Iconic. | Discreet Design. Maximum Benefit.

With the horse's health, comfort and hygiene front of mind, not to mention the added convenience for riders, our team are proud to present our world first saddle pad innovation - the Iconic Equestrian LinerPad™ system.



What are LinerPads™ made of?

Our revolutionary LinerPads™ are made from 100% high quality soft cotton technical towelling. Our thoroughly engineered Heat-Reactive fibres have been woven into the towelling, which has been designed to expand and contract in different temperatures. When the fibres are hot or wet the fibres expand, opening gaps to allow the heat to escape. When the fibres are cold or dry, it collapses into a tight bundle, which effectively closes gaps to reduce heat loss. Due to our Heat-Reactive fibres, these LinerPads will NOT overheat your horse!


How do I use the LinerPad™ System?

The LinerPad fits discreetly under our top pad and attaches using our 5-Point attachment system. This system ensures maximum stability & security. Our patented design features the following attachment points:

1 - The Wither Fold-Over. This attachment point easily folds over at the front of our anatomically designed top-pad to allow airflow through the spine and relieve pressure on the wither. Having one of our attachment points positioned over the wither ensures our LinerPad™ will not slip or bunch up under the front of the saddle.

2 - Easy-Fastening Velcro Straps. These straps are commonly seen on almost every saddle pad, however, when used in our LinerPad™ system, they are twice as useful. These straps are perfectly positioned to be tucked into your saddle, and thread through the top pad with ease. 

3 - The Girth Straps. These tough, durable straps thread through from the LinerPad to the top pad, and hold the LinerPad™ in place where the girth sits. These straps also feature our ‘Original 2-IN-1’ embroidery.

4 - The Spine. Perfectly designed to add NO pressure to the horse's spine, this Hook & Loop attachment on the LinerPad™ meets our top pad perfectly. You can ride happily knowing that this attachment ensures that the liner will not bunch, move or slip even under the toughest of circumstances.

5 - The Metal Logo attachment. This discreet attachment point perfectly matches up with our metal badge on the top pad. This ensures the back half of the LinerPad™ doesn't bunch up.


Are the LinerPads™ comfortable for my horse?

Yes! These LinerPads™ are soft & comfortable, and have specifically been designed for sensitive/cold backed horses. Our technical towelling is not unlike the towelling you find in bandage pads.

How do I wash my LinerPad™ correctly?

Our LinerPads™ are designed to be washed often, they actually become more absorbent and effective each time they are washed! We recommend washing our LinerPads™ by themselves, or with other LinerPads™ or other towels. Wash on cold settings, and only use the recommended amount of detergent. Do not use fabric softener. When drying, dry on low heat (or leave them out to dry) and give them a shake afterwards. For best results please add our complimentary Magic Wash Balls to remove fur. If you wish to wash using a hose, simply spray them down, scrub lightly with detergent (if required) and leave them out to dry.

How many Magic Wash Balls do I add?

We love our little wash balls! Effective at removing fur, hair and any loose fibres, as well as loosening up any stubborn dirt & stains (and being eco-friendly!), why wouldn't you want to use them? Luckily for you, we include a 6-pack with every saddle pad purchase and here’s how to use them! Place as many as you like (more wash balls - more effective) into the washing machine with your LinerPads™ and wash. It’s that simple!


Can I purchase a LinerPad™ without having to purchase a 2-IN-1 saddle pad?

Yes! We sell the LinerPads™ separately. Please note that the LinerPads™ only work with our Original 2-IN-1 top pads and cannot be used with our brands.


Ok, we know the LinerPad™ is great, but what about the top pad? Does that have any special features?

~ As a matter of fact, it does! Our top pad features a lot of hidden features:

1 - Soft cotton binding. The binding on our saddle pads is soft and friction-free, meaning it won’t rub or pull out any of your horse’s hair!

2 - Heat Reactive Fibres. Yes! We added this innovative component to our top pads as well! This ensures that both our top pad and LinerPad™ are breathable and will not overheat your horse. We have actually found that our horses sweat less while wearing Iconic!

3 - Reinforced Girth Protector. We know how much it sucks when a beautiful saddle pad is ruined by gross saddle marks. Our tough girth protector leaves room for your saddle and girth to sit nicely, dirt free.

4 - Breathable cotton fabric. All our saddle pads are made with 100% cotton for maximum breathability.

5 - Our cosmetic beauties, the shiny metal badge & dual satin binding. These two special additions to our saddle pads make them stand out and look, well, iconic! The dual satin binding is elegant yet simple, and as of November 2020, can be customised! Our shiny metal badge adds an element of luxury, and also an element of ASMR, because peeling off the plastic is so so satisfying!

6 - Shock absorbing fill. We want to protect our horses in every and any way possible, so NOT adding a shock absorbing fill to our pads seemed silly! Trust that when you ride in Iconic, you’re riding in the very best in equine technology and comfort.

7 - Zero Pressure Spine/Anatomical Design. Just when you thought we’d covered it all! We made sure to design each and every saddle pad to be anatomical and comfortable. Our zero pressure spine is anatomically designed to match the horse's natural confirmation, keeping unnecessary pressure off the spine. 


Our design is protected within Australia under the Designs Act 2003 and is International Patent Pending 2019.