Diversity, Inclusion and Environmental Impact

We are an eco-conscious company focused on equestrian innovation and ‘doing good in the world’. As Equestrian sports are the only Olympic sport where men and women compete on equal ground, at the heart of our apparel range is keeping it natural, neutral and genderless. We don’t aim to erase gender, but to reduce the impact of gender stereotypes in the equestrian world. We support self-definition, self-expression, individuality and creating garments which can be worn by any shape, size, orientation or identity.  We focus on the importance of versatile, durable horse and rider wear for a less wasteful fashion future. Our brand is not only innovative in its equine designs, but in its gender-inclusive philosophy as well. We aim to make equestrian apparel that eliminates the barriers between male and female by simply making beautiful clothing for people who identify as an equestrian.


Our apparel line is specifically designed to disregard seasonal collections, and rebel against the nature of fast fashion. We are passionate about minimalistic, classic style and colours that can be worn with any brand, style or colour.


Our saddle pad packaging has been selected to be eco-friendly, reusable and is made from recycled plastic.


All our apparel is packaged in 100% recycled cotton, reusable tote bags and sent using compostable HEROPack packaging.


Each link in our supply chain utilizes solar power, and we choose carbon neutral shipping options where possible.