About Us

What does 'iconic' mean?

Something that stands out in a beautiful, iconic way; slaying at the game; 

We simply aim to be ICONIC. It's built into our name. We want to design and produce Beautiful and Innovative things (and slay whilst doing it)

We believe in Style, Innovation and Classic Design.. 

We are run by passionate competitive, and experienced equestrians with decades of love and adventures in all things horses. We are saddle pad aficionado's (with over 70 in our personal collection) and pride ourselves on designing the very best (and most practical) products. We know what we love (and we know what we don't), and despite designing our own, still regularly buy and collect other brands... 

We are Creative, Innovative and Fearless. We are proud and protective of our designs. We try them, test them and invest blood, sweat and tears into every single one. 

We are Ethical and Respectful. We have chosen ethical manufacturers, environmentally friendly fabrics and compostable packaging. 

We welcome Feedback. No one is perfect. We want to hear how we could do better. If you think we could do something in a different way, please contact us directly.