The 'Icon' & 'Hi-Pony' Equestrian Caps

Introducing the Icon & Hi-Pony Equestrian Cap! A must-have item for riders, grooms, and just about anyone who’s passionate about horses!

The NEW 'Hybrid' Summer Riding Jacket

Riding in a jacket in summer? Seems crazy right? Why would you want to add more layers when you're already sweating plenty? Well, we agree. We wouldn't want to wear another layer... Unless that layer is thin, breathable, moisture wicking, sun smart AND can be used as a base layer. Wait, that sounds like our new Hybrid UPVF50+ Summer Riding Jacket. Hmm, what a coincidence...How strange.

The 'Five Star' Casual Riding Tee

If you hadn't guessed by now, the team here at Iconic Equestrian are passionate eventers. We, hopefully like you, have visited a few of the 5* events around the globe and have enjoyed every minute of it, which is why we created a GENDER NEUTRAL shirt with ALL 5* events in the world on it! Truly an iconic way to show off your passion.

The 'Staple' Compression Riding Socks

major upgrade on our Technical Riding Socks! Meet the ’Staple’ Compression Riding Socks - the ultimate sock for all activities. A compression sock built not only to keep up with the strenuous demands of equestrianism but also to support riders with plantar fasciitis, arches and blisters.