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The 'Staple' Compression Riding Socks - Grey/Pink

The 'Staple' Compression Riding Socks - Grey/Pink

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A major upgrade on our Technical Riding Socks! Meet the ’Staple’ Compression Riding Socks - the ultimate sock for all activities.

A compression sock built not only to keep up with the strenuous demands of equestrianism but also to support riders with plantar fasciitis, arches and blisters.

Let's skip the formalities and tell you what we LOVE about this product.

The Perfect Riding Length

Perfect for under tall boots, perfect leg length, perfect for all day, every day use. These socks have been designed by equestrians, for equestrians... we've got your back ;)

Classy, without overdoing it

We've chosen a minimalistic logo for these iconic socks, ensuring they stay classy but not so fancy that you'll regret wearing tall boots over them.

Compression design for all athletes

A sock that boosts blood flow, reduces risk of injury, speeds up recovery and wicks away sweat. We just love these socks.

The bonus perks...

There's so much good packed into these socks, we'd be here all day if we didn't dot point everything!

  • Perfect seams to combat skin irritation
  • Sweat wicking, breathable and cooling
  • Padded soles for comfort
  • L and R on the left & right socks to help you remember which sock goes on which foot
  • Stretch and comfort for all riders
  • One size fits most
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