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The 'Hybrid' UPVF50+ Summer Riding Jacket - Grey

The 'Hybrid' UPVF50+ Summer Riding Jacket - Grey

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Could we be any more excited about this? Accredited with the HIGHEST level of sun protection rating in the WORLD, our new 'Hybrid' UPVF50+ Summer Riding Jacket is quite literally the best riding jacket on the globe for horsing around in summer. We've tried it, so we know... No crispy skin here!

This stunning jacket can also be used as a base layer - hello outfit options!

Let's skip the formalities and just tell you what we LOVE about this product.

Jacket AND Base Layer

We love 2-IN-1 products (just look at our 2-IN-1 Saddlepad range! It matches these jackets), so we decided to engineer these jackets to fit not just as a jacket, but a handy base layer too! Don't believe us? Have a look through our gallery on these products, they are proving to be incredible base layers ;)

SPF50+ Sun Protection

Do you ever just stare up at the sun and contemplate life's greater meaning? No? Good, neither do we. Staring at the sun hurts your eyes! Do you know what else hurts when exposed to sunlight... Your skin! We know that hard-working equestrians, do all they can to avoid heavy layers and sweaty clothes in the warmer months of the year, with some even riding in crop tops and tanks leaving skin exposed and prone to sunburn. Thankfully, we've designed a jacket suitable for ALL equestrians, which keeps you cool and keeps your skin protected all day. The best thing is, you can still wear just a crop top or T-shirt underneath, giving your skin the ability to thermoregulate and stay protected from the sun. We just love that for you.

Sun-Safe Colours

Here's a fun fact, darker colours heat up faster in the sun than lighter colours, which is why running on bitumen is never a good idea. Well, it's never a good idea anyway, but you get the point. Moving on from that fun fact, we've specifically chosen the primary colours of these summer jackets to reflect sunlight, not absorb it. This keeps you cooler, whilst looking stylish and staying sun safe. For this reason, these jackets are not available in darker colours.

Light & Breezy Fabric

By using a light, breathable, quick-drying and hygroscopic fabric, we've ensured these stunning jackets don't trap heat, don't increase sweating and don't awkwardly stick to your skin when riding. This not only helps you feel less gross but also reduces the number of times you need to change your clothes when it's 37 degrees and you're wondering why on earth you chose to ride that day. If you did choose to ride that day, we had you in mind when designing this.

The 'Everyone' Fit

Just like our other products, we designed this for everyone. We've kept this jacket lighter and full of flow for when you want to look and feel your best. A casual fit means this jacket can be worn over anything from just a crop top to a T-shirt or base layer, whichever undergarment tickles your fancy. With this design, everybody wins.

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