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The UNO Hi-Cut Pad - Black

The UNO Hi-Cut Pad - Black

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If you're looking for something simple, classic and cost-effective but still as iconic as our name then this saddlepad is perfect for you. The UNO Hi-Cut may be our cheapest saddlepad option, but absolutely nothing about this saddlepad screams cheap, quite the opposite actually! Ridden in and adored by multiple FEI riders, our UNO Hi-Cut is a simple yet classy choice, without the obnoxious price tag.

Anatomical Design

Built to work with your horse, not against it. The UNO Hi-Cut features a high-wither design, reduced cut for breathability, and a spatially designed quilting pattern that follows the muscle fascia of the horse. We know your horse can't verbally thank you for it, but you sure can thank us, if you'd like, we'd love that.

100% Cotton

We love cotton here at Iconic EQ. It's breathable, moisture-wicking, and odour-free amongst other great perks, so it's no surprise to us that cotton is the world's favourite natural fibre. As our UNO Hi-Cut is made from 100% natural cotton, you can expect all these benefits and more for your horse.

Unique in it's perks & quirks

We adore when products are unique, and have that little personal touch. That, to us, is what makes them truly iconic. Our UNO Hi-Cut features a subtle yet classy embroidered logo, reinforced girth panel and depending on the colour you pick, you'll find the name of that very colour embroidered on the spine of your saddlepad. How iconic.

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