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The Original 2-IN-1 Jumping Pad - Moscato Pink

The Original 2-IN-1 Jumping Pad - Moscato Pink

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The one that started it all. The concept that's taken us from a small business, to a worldwide icon (pun intended) - Say hello to the '2-IN-1 Jumping Pad, the ONLY saddlepad in the world to feature a removable, discreet liner. We could on-and-on about this product all day. Seriously, just message us, we don't shut up about it.

Let's skip the formalities and just tell you what we LOVE about this product.

Anatomical Fit

Look, we get that virtually every saddlepad on the market has an 'anatomical fit', which is why we worked extra, extra hard on ours to ensure we mean it when we say it. The 2-IN-1 features a curved spine (perfect for all kinds of horse back!), a quilting pattern that goes with the muscle fascia of the horse, a cut designed not only to fit your saddle, but only sit where it needs to on the horse, avoiding restriction of movement, a shock absorbing fill to keep everyone happy, and lastly, we reinforced the spinal channel to ensure it doesn't bunch, slip or move when riding. Our horses love it, and so do we. #slay

Anti-Fade Cotton

If you've been riding for a long time, we can safely assume you have a saddlepad or two that's seen better days, and now looks like a bit of a faded ghost. That's cool, we love that you love your old saddlepads, we just wanted to fix that minor issue. Our 2-IN-1 has been built with anti-fade cotton, which means after some time (with the right care), your saddlepad will stay just as iconic as the day you bought it (which if you're reading this, means today!).

Luxury Finishes

We love a bit of sparkle and a bit of shine so why not add it to our saddlepad? Every 2-IN-1 features a luxurious metal badge, which gives our 2-IN-1 pads a bit of extra class. As an added bonus, we made sure the plastic protecting it is extreeeeemly satisfying to peel off. ASMR saddlepad anyone?

Now let's get into the fun stuff - The LinerPad!

Removable, Washable, Awesome.

It's crazy, we could on about this for hours. This really is the only saddlepad in the world to do what it does, and what it does is allow you to control not only your saddlepad but your horse's cleanliness at the same time. Our LinerPad system is completely interchangeable between all 2-IN-1 pads, which means not only can you allocate LinerPads to specific horses, but also ensure that horses with sensitive skin, skin conditions or horses recovering from external injuries can be ridden in their own liner, but in the same saddlepad as every other horse if matchy-matchy is your thing. Plus, it saves you from having to buy multiple saddlepads, which also makes the LinerPad's interchangeability great for polo players and eventers who want their horses in the same outfit but want to avoid the sweaty second-hand saddlepad after realising their horses are right after each other on the draw. Damn that sucks

Technical Towelling

We know it sounds a lot like horse radish, but we really do mean it when we say the LinerPad is technical. We put our best into this design, and thanks to the LinerPads technical towelling, this saddlepad's undergarment possesses heat-reactive fibres that expand and contract based on the temperature. When it's hot, the fibres expand and allow heat to escape. When it's cold, the fibres contract to reduce heat loss. Due to these quirky little fibres, the 2-IN-1 will not overheat your horse. How cool!

5-Point Attachment System

The idea of having something under your saddlepad seems a hassle, doesn't it? It's easy to assume a second layer would slip, bunch and cause discomfort to your horse, similar to when towels are used as second layers (that's actually where we got the idea from btw). That doesn't happen with our LinerPads. Thanks to our 5-Point attachment system, our LinerPads remain discreet and smooth, keeping your horse happy and clean after every ride.

Soft & Comfortable

We thought of every horse when designing the 2-IN-1, which is why we've chosen a soft, breathable 100% cotton that is not unlike the soft material found in bandage pads. Perfect for cold-backed horses, horses with sensitive skin, and we've personally tested it on a chestnut and he didn't complain, which is a huge plus.

If you've scrolled this far, congrats! You've just found out that every 2-IN-1 comes with its very own carry-bag, protection pack and set of Magic Wash Balls that help clean your LinerPads in the washing machine! Free stuff is the best.

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