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The 'HYPE' 5* Eventing Pad

The 'HYPE' 5* Eventing Pad

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Hey, if you're reading this, you've just learnt that we, Australian Eventers (most likely like yourself) have designed the ultimate eventing pad. It's true, we really just did that, and we love it. We have trialled, tried and tested this super saddlepad, and even added some nifty extras - all for you, and for your horse.

Let's skip the formalities and just tell you what we LOVE about this product.


Ergonomic, Anatomic, & Cooling

We all know Australia is a really hot island... As hot as Pedro Pascal? Yeah maybe not, and we're grateful for that because if that was the case, we'd all burn. Regardless, we do know that eventing in the warmer months can be a pain, and it's not uncommon to see sweaty horses and overheated riders. For this reason, we've designed the HYPE both ergonomically, and anatomically, reducing areas of sweat, improving your horse's ability to perform, and providing grip for your saddle where it's needed. Our smart design has been proven to reduce sweat by over 33%.

Added Stability for your Saddle

If you've ever been halfway off a horse (by accident!) and thought 'I can't fall off, not now... I'm wearing white breeches!' then you'd understand how much strength it takes to stop yourself from falling off. That's how strong we've made the HYPE's stability system. Featuring three unique 'grab' areas, which we thoughtfully designed to stop your saddle from moving whilst engaging in strenuous exercise. The first grab area is the outer and inner layers of non-slip material; this painlessly grips to both your horse and your saddle, creating a friction-free area of stability and control. The second is the Precision Girth Keepers, with three options to choose from, YOU control how your pad sits, no matter the saddle shape. The last is the 100% cotton base; proven to be significantly stronger, grippier and more breathable than most mesh fabrics with a bonus in structural integrity. It's a yes from us, not biased or anything.

Protection where it's needed

We've added comfort for your horse without the bulk, go us. The HYPE has been designed to be as thin as possible, but still provide protection in the areas that matter most. The HYPE features a discrete layer of breathable padding underneath the non-slip areas, which has been meticulously thought-out to not cause any bulk or change to the saddle's fit or shape, but still provide protection where it counts and keep your horse cool.

Permanent Number Holders

Despite all of the technical additions to this pad, our favourite addition to the design was adding permanent number holders. Thanks to this handy addition, awkwardly attaching numbers to your breastplate or pinning them through precious saddlepads becomes a thing of the past, as the HYPE’s design removed this struggle completely! As an added bonus, we can 110% say from real-life experience at events that XC Marshalls absolutely adore you when you have both your numbers on your saddlepad and they aren't at risk of falling off. You could say they're... Hyped.

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