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The 'Grandeur' Fleece Rug - Burgundy

The 'Grandeur' Fleece Rug - Burgundy

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We get it, you want your horse to look fancy and elite, but also want your horse to be comfortable at the same time. We really do get it. This is where the 'Grandeur' Fleece Rugs come in. These rugs are not only fancy but good for your horse too. Luxurious, stylish and comfortable - These are the ultimate in fashion & function.


Let's skip the formalities and just tell you what we LOVE about this product.

Removable & Discreet Belly Straps

We love this addition to the Grandeur Fleece Rug. Super handy when you want fewer straps to do up or want to keep them on for added security. You can't even see them for the outside, how nice! These removable belly straps can be attached to the front of the rug, leaving you with a warm option to warm your horse up in. Also, we've seen horsey parents wrap themselves up in these rugs whilst their kids are riding, so that's another perk! Kids, if you're reading this, use this to convince your parents they need this rug. Parents? You like to stay warm, right?

Luxurious Faux Fur Neck

If you're like us, you love a rug that's fashionable AND looks downright adorable on your horse. With the addition of our luxurious faux fur neck, not only will your horse look and feel amazing, but they'll also be even more soft & fluffy to hug, and who doesn't love a good horse snuggle?

Sweat Wicking & Water Absorbent

At this stage, you should absolutely expect that when you purchase a luxury rug like this one, it has some benefits for your horse, whilst still remaining luxurious. Our Grandeur Fleece Rug is no exception. Featuring a natural Sherpa fleece underside, this rug is sweat-wicking, water-absorbent and can handle a little shower or two, so can be worn over your horse's tack when heading from one end of a horse show to the other.

Stylish Finishes

Leather accents, black & white finishes, removable tail cord, and to finish it all off, some stunning embroidery... What more could you want in a rug?

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