Original 2-IN-1 Dressage Cut - Olympic White


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The Original 2-IN-1 Saddlepad from Iconic Equestrian not only looks stunning on any horse, but is the only saddlepad in the world to feature our unique LinerPad system. Featuring all the qualities you’d expect in a luxury saddlepad, but with the added ability to wash & clean it with ease, these saddlepads are as iconic as their name.

All of our 2-IN-1 saddlepads have been expertly designed to perfectly fit both the horse and its saddle. On the outside, the anti-fade outer fabric and luxury metal badge is complimented by our heat-reactive fibres & shock absorbing fill, which are woven into the fabric and have been proven to help your horse sweat less while working while maintaining maximum breathability. A simple yet soft cotton binding ensures that your saddlepad won't rub, while our reinforced girth protector ensures both your girth and saddlepad remain in top condition.

Underneath, is where our revolutionary 2-IN-1 LinerPad system lives. Made from technical towelling, this under-pad also features the same heat reactive fibres as our top-pads. This thoroughly engineered system has been woven into the towelling, which has been designed to expand and contract in different temperatures. When the fibres are hot or wet the fibres expand, opening gaps to allow the heat to escape. When the fibres are cold or dry, it collapses into a tight bundle, which effectively closes gaps to reduce heat loss. Our LinerPads have also been designed for sensitive/cold backed horses, and will not overheat your horse!

Universal fit. Anatomical Design. Low Pressure Spine. Shock Absorbing Fill. 

Available in colours: Moscato, Wattle, Seafoam, Periwinkle, Sandstone, Prismarine, Barossa Red, Classic Navy, Midnight Black, Mistletoe, Moonstone and Olympic White