Introducing, the HERD

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Welcome to our newest initiative, the HERD. The HERD serves as a place for us to interact and give back to our loyal customers, with exclusive offers, secret sales, first hand updates, sales on our secondhand stock and more! The HERD is also the place where we will hold all our competitions and giveaways as well as our newest referral program. Finally, the HERD is where we implore you to post your IconicEQ outfits, tack sets and rides as well as buy/sell/swap any items you wish to move on!



So, how do I join the HERD?

If you have already purchased from us, we welcome you immediately! If you haven’t purchased from us yet, then a singular membership can be purchased for just $14.95. 

But guess what? This membership is refundable!

If you purchase a membership from us, but then purchase a product from our website, we will refund you the membership as a credit on your item!

(This offer isn't eligible on Magic Wash Balls, Phone Buddy’s or secondhand items)

Now, to join the HERD, just take your order number (from either a product or membership purchase, eg: #1234) and enter it into the question box on our Facebook group “Iconic Equestrian Exclusive - HERD MEMBERS ONLY’. We will not accept requests to join the group unless the order number is included.



What’s included once I’ve joined the HERD?

Let us explain the perks of joining the HERD in more detail!

Exclusive Offers - Be the first to enjoy sales and pre-orders on upcoming stock, as well as the chance to purchase products that we haven't even advertised yet! 

Secret Sales - Other than our big sales such as Black Friday and EOFY, the HERD will be the ONLY place where you will find our random sales! These sales could be anything, even 50% off some items!

First-Hand Updates - We always have LOTS happening behind the scenes, the HERD will be where we share these BTS moments with you all! You will also receive updates on incoming stock, new colours and much more!

Second Hand Sales - Our items don't come up for sale secondhand very often. In fact, out of all the time we’ve been in business, we have only seen one advertised. However, we often have items that have been used for photoshoots, test/trials and general use that we like to pass on, the HERD is the only place where you will find these items advertised!

(Update: On our first night of running the HERD, we advertised a used Classic Navy and a used Midnight Black… Both these items sold within an hour!)



But wait, you’ve mentioned a referral program? How does that work?

We are super excited about this one! Our referral program aims to give back to all of our loyal customers, and here's how.

Step 1: Become a member of the HERD (remember that if you purchase a product from us, membership becomes free! If you choose to buy a membership first and then a product, membership is refunded!)

Step 2: Refer somebody (give them your name and ask them to add the following ‘Referral - FirstName/LastName’) and we will check details

Step 3: Earn Points! These can be used on our products as a discount code! (does not apply to secondhand items).

That's all there is to it! The more people you refer (and the more they buy), the more you save on our items! And if you love our products and are a repeat customer (which we keep getting many of!) then this program is for you!

What YOU can take part in here:

- Posting your Iconic EQ outfits, tack-sets, #ROOTD shots and more! (This will be one of the ways you can enter competitions!)

- Buy/Sell/Swap all your Iconic EQ items here! If you’re looking for another colour, or want to trade with somebody, or just want to sell an item you don’t use, do it here!

- Take part in our referral program, it’s going to be spectacular!

- Stay up to date on all incoming stock/products and see what's new.

- Enter our exclusive competitions!

So, welcome to the herd. We hope you’ll like it here!