How often should I wash my Original 2-IN-1 saddlepad system?

Let's be honest, horses are filthy creatures! For this reason we created our LinerPad system, which has literally been designed to get better each time it's washed! Our LinerPads actually become more absorbent and effective each time you wash them. Due to this, we recommend that you wash your LinerPad once before use, and then any time sweat starts to build up on the LinerPad (we’ve found this usually takes about a week or two’s worth of hard rides) wash it again! As our top-pad doesn't typically get dirty or sweaty due to the LinerPads protective layering, we recommend that you only wash this part of the saddlepad when you feel it's absolutely necessary, such as if the top-pad gets saddle marks, or perhaps gets some fur on it. 

How do I wash my Original 2-IN-1 saddlepad system?

The most important rule to follow when it comes to caring for your tack is to always follow the instructions. As our saddlepads include two different parts, we highly recommend that you always return to this page if you need any assistance washing, as our washing instructions are section-specific.

To wash our LinerPad: Our LinerPads are designed to be put through hell, but that doesn't mean that we can't treat them to a little heaven. To correctly wash your LinerPad, we offer three options:

  • Washing Machine: Wash on COLD settings, and only use the recommended amount of detergent. Do NOT use fabric softener. Dry on LOW heat (or leave out to dry). Shake afterwards. Make sure that all velcro straps are closed, to avoid grabbing or tearing the fabric.
  • Hose/Hand Wash: Wash using a COLD hose, we recommend the Shower setting if you use a nozzle. Use detergent, and leave out to dry afterwards.
  • Pressure Wash: Spray with/without detergent. Do not get the nozzle too close to LinerPad, or it may damage the fabric. Hang to dry afterwards.

To wash our Top-Pad: Our stunning top-pads aren't designed to be washed like our LinerPads. For this reason, we recommend the following:

  • Hand Wash ONLY. To avoid crumpling, bending or damaging your top-pad we recommend that you ONLY hand wash your top-pad.
  • Handle with care. We recommend that when handling your top pad, you handle it with care. Air-dry only. If possible, store flat


DISCLAIMER: Failure to follow these instructions may result in the potential damage of your saddlepad.